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1.Tire and Rim
(1) Check carefully before tire mounting to see if the rim sizes are identical to those marked on the sidewall of the tire
(2) The tire should be fitted as much as possible to standard rims or allowable rim range
(3) The tire should not be fitted to deformed rims or non-conformity rims.
Deformed rims or non-conformity rims will result in loss of the tire PSI, vibrations, poor breaking
2. Inflated Pressure
(1)Rules should be followed to inflate the tire.
(2) It is not appropriate to inflate the tire overpressure and then release the air to standard pressure.
(3)Check the tire pressure regularly and replenish when the air pressure is not found sufficient
Tire under-pressure will cause decreased loading capacity, easy cord break in and dangerous blowout, Tire over pressure will cause cord strength loss and dangerous blowout.
3. Load
(1)Select the tire of corresponding ply rating and load based on the vehicle s standard loading capacity
(2) The tire of low ply rating can not bear the high load. The tire load amount not be increased by the increase of inflated pressure
(3)The load should be distributed evenly on the vehicle
Overload will cause a serious injury of the tire or the People. The vehicle with the load unevenly distributed will cause some of the tires serious overload which is one of the factors causing accidents
The tire should match the vehicle in operating speed and operate in the range of specified speed for the vehicle
Overspeed will cause quicker tread wear, rapid heat build-up, tire strength deterioration, separations, and even tire blow out
5. Tire Mounting
(1)Tires of the same specifications must be mound on the same ax. The final differs from the replaced tire in height, not more than 3%
(2)Dual tire rim ventilating holes should be in alignment with each other. Tire valves should be positioned at 180" to each other. Dual spacing should be more than 20mm under static load
(3) Tire toe-in should be adjusted to a standard value
(4)When the old tube is used on outer cumene should not be over 92 of the inner cumene of the tire. It is recommended that the old tube with more than 2 repair patches should not remain in use
(5)The rim should be tightly and evenly bolted into position
(6)As to tires of directional read paters, the direction marked on sidewalls should be identical to the direction of vehicle travel
Tires of different specifications, ply ratings and tread patterns mounted on the same axle will detention rate comprehensive tire performances. Similar dual assemblies, tires should be matched with design and dimensional tolerance. Mismatched tires may result in mechanical problems, rapid wear, abnormal/irregular wear, premature tire failure, and increase fuel consumption.
6.pre-ride of tires
deformation remove the stress caused during manufacturing decrease heat build-up and extend tire performance gh the pre-ride new tires will adapt to When new tires have been mounted, the pre-ride should be taken below 50km/h of 200km for normal tires. Thro
7. Others
(1)Quick start-up, urgent braking, shape turning, scrape by shape obstacle, contacts with oil contaminants operation and high-temperature tc will cause premature tire failures.
(2)The tire should be well maintained and regularly shied. The sharp obstacles punctured into lyres or the stones clogged instead changed or be removed immediately
(3)When the tire tread has worn out to the extent specified, stop using it.
(4)If there is any problem regarding the quality please do not hesitate to contact the tire dealers or us to enable solving the problems immediately


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