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How much do you know about winter snow tire?

There are some mistakes that now many owners think  tire replacement is not necessary, use all season tires can walk the world. As a matter of fact, in some of the northern winter is a little bad weather and road conditions, a suitable for your car’s winter tire can be said is must be the choice, but also responsible for their own safety. The following to bring the relevant knowledge of winter tire slip.

1. What is the winter snow tire

Most people think that the concept of domestic tire is the winter snow tires, this concept is not comprehensive, the common international standards is suitable for lower than 7 degrees Celsius temperature tire.

Compared with the summer tires and all-weather tires, winter tyre selection formula of different and material is relatively soft, tread groove relatively wider and deeper can on a road covered by ice and snow can provide stronger catch and skid resistance and security under the condition of low temperature from the car on the road adhesion, so that it can provide better braking and steering performance in cold and dry winter, wet slip or snow on the road. According to the skid resistance performance of road surface, the non slip tire is divided into three kinds of standard, which are: saw toothed surface, snow tire and non skid nail. At present, in the country in addition to the non slip nail tire is not allowed to use (this tire will damage the road surface), the other two kinds of winter tires can be used.

2, why the winter travel

Low winter temperatures, especially after snow or after the rain to the ground ice, and tyres of vehicles traveling on the ice because of the influence of pressure and temperature of the tire will cause ice to melt, resulting in reduce the vehicle tire and the ground adhesion, skid phenomenon will appear.

3, why can not be used as a common tire

Snow tires in the material, tire tread patterns and other aspects of a lot of different. From the appearance point of view, the snow tire has asymmetric directional tread pattern, the snow tire groove is more, that is, the proportion of the tire surface groove, the higher the ratio, the better the drainage. Snow tires fine groove more in at least 1000 or more, there are about 200 common tyres.

From the aspect of materials, snow tires to than the ordinary tyre material to soft, mainly is the tread is made of some special formula, resulting in greater than ordinary all-weather tire friction, so that the vehicle on a smooth ice handling and safety is greatly improved. Under the condition of low temperature, the snow tire will still keep a soft texture, and the ordinary tire will harden with the decrease of temperature.

4, in terms of design, winter tires have any special

Besides just mentioned repeatedly tread more, winter tire tread groove depth to deeper than the general all-weather tires, the benefits of this design is that you can increase the drainage amount and improve the friction force between the tyre and the ground.


In addition, winter tire tire shoulder will be designed as angular, which don’t in general all-weather tires designed into angular appearance is mainly increase tire contact with the ground, increase the friction, prevent the driving in the snow and ice road when serious sideslip.

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