With the mission “Top value tires for you and your business”, our factory started to produce truck tyres since 2003. Our wide ranges cover: OTR tire, industry tire, agricultural tire, solid tire, motorcycle tire, truck tire and car tire.
Everyone thinking their own tires are the best, but Why is Hilo tires with better quality? The key is better teams, putting better materials, through better machines, and with better process. The result is tires with a working life 20-35% longer than competitors and therefore top value for you as our customer.

  • 1,Best raw materials … natural rubber from Thailand and Malaysia, and steel sourced from one of the top Italian brands.
  • 2.Best machines … German and Italian machines to ensure our tire-making capability and capacity.
  • 3.Best people … of 6000 workers, more than 1500 have more than five years workshop experience.
  • 4.Best processes and strict inspection of each one … mixing, calendaring, extruding, building, curing. Using x-ray scans and balancing to ensure each tire exceeds European and USA standards.
  • 5.whats more … our tires are exceeding your expectations: reinforced sidewalls to withstand the heaviest possible loads.


So, With the vision “Where there’s vehicles, there’s Hilo tires” in mind, we supply great services including advice, shipping, documentations and so on. We look forward to working with you as a partner and long terms exclusive cooperation.

Our Team