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315 80R22.5 all position truck tire

ST901 truck tire with popular pattern, stable good quality and reasonable price and fast delivery

  • 315 80R22.5
  • kebek techshield doupro
  • 40112000
  • 315 80R22.5
  • ST901
  • 157/154
  • L
  • 850/850
  • 4000/3350
  • 19
  • 250

315 80R22.5 Truck Tire Pattern Features & Benefits:

*Three zigzag main grooves design, providing good adaptability to most road conditions.

* Variable pitch design reduce tire noises

*Open shoulder pattern effectively reduce tire temperature 

*Combination rib/lug pattern provides a solid grip in any wheel position

*Tough tread compounds resist cuts, chips, tearing and irregular wear

*Split-belt construction for flexibility in enveloping road obstacles leading to better casing durability

*Designed for all wheel postions of short and medium distance trucks on mixed road conditions

*Popular in Asia, Middle East, Africa and South America


With the mission “Top value tires for you and your business" our factory started to produce commercial truck tires and OTR tires since 2005. With 14 years of day and nights hard work, we are proud to say that we can provide tires with top value!



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